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  • Review of the work done so far in the field of scientific and technical terminology in the light of the principles laid down in paragraph 3 of the Presidential Order.

  • Formulation of principles relating to evolution and coordination of scientific and technical terminology in Hindi and other languages.

  • Coordination of the work done by different agencies in the States in the field of scientific and technical terminology, with the consent or at the instance of the State governments concerned, and approval of glossaries for use in Hindi and other Indian languages as may be submitted to it by the concerned agencies.

  • The Commission may also take up preparation of standard scientific textbooks using the new terminology evolved or approved by it, preparation of scientific and technical dictionaries and translation into Indian languages of scientific books in foreign languages.

योगदान : Niteen Gorakhrao Mandlik
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a summer camp was organised for teaching hindi in minsk city of belarus by alesia.