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Wikipedia will now focus on hindi.
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Raj Thakre is in GUjarat to learn the developement Mantras from Narendra Modi. he looked pleased and at ease speaking in Hindi everywhere and with everyone he met in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. when someone from the media drew his attention to his opposition to Hindi in Maharashtra.Thackeray blamed media for creating controversies.
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A old age person living in Punjab is trying to give Indian color to English alphabets. He has added the examples of indian context to 22 words of english alphabets.
योगदान : शिवराज जी प्रकाशन दिनांक : 02-08-2011
At a recent meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on 2G spectrum allocation scam, BJP’s Gopinath Munde raised the issue of providing documents in Hindi well in advance so that he could be prepared to examine the witnesses. “Sir, if we don’t get the matter in Hindi, we will not come to the JPC,” said Munde.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 26-07-2011
purvottar hindi academy and nagri lipi parishad jointly organisaed a 5 days hindi training workshop in Head post office, shilang. This workshop was organised for non hindi speaking post workers so that they could easily read and understand the addresses writen in hindi on letters.
योगदान : डा. अकेलाभाइ प्रकाशन दिनांक : 25-07-2011
Veena is the oldest Hindi magzine published by shree madhya bharat hindi sahitya samiti, indore, is now available on net. A few days befor Shree shivaraj sinh chauhan inaaugaretd the site of veena. Veena could be read on www.veenapatrika.com
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 19-07-2011
In Pune, for the last three weeks, these 10 young American students are learning Hindi and the Indian culture as part of the US government’s National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y). International Education and Research Network-India (iEARN), an NGO is the partner in this programme. The students Ariel, Sean, Connor, Annelifse, Adelaida, Andreo, Sudney, Milkaya, Maria and Chakgi say they have had the time of their life in India—right from visiting vegetable markets to shops, factories and even historical places. Interestingly, the students also set up small shops and were asked to sell some goods on the school premises. The teachers and students were the ‘customers’ at the stall. This project required the students to communicate in Hindi to sell their wares.
योगदान : आयुष प्रकाशन दिनांक : 18-07-2011
HIndi is again in demand in DU. Almost all the seats of BA HONs, HIndi is fulfilled in the first phase of admission in the top colleges of DU. This year HIndi was taken as the first choice for admission by many of the students.
योगदान : देव राय प्रकाशन दिनांक : 14-07-2011
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