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Akshita Yadav - youngest hindi blogger was awarded by govt. of India, for her hindi blog - Pakhi Ki Duniya.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 24-11-2011
Smt Sheela Dixit released a Hindi book written by Shree Pukhraj Sethiya on tourism in India.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 21-11-2011
hindisamay dot com is like a Hindi library on net. It is Edited by well knbown hindi writer Shree rajkishor. The purpose of this site is to spread hindi literature in the world.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 20-11-2011
पूर्वोत्तर भारत में यदि किसी को संगीत सीखना हो तो वो पहले हिन्दी सीखता है. यहाँ हिन्दी के प्रति लोगो के मन में अपनापन भी है और सम्मान भी.
योगदान : डा. अकेलाभाइ प्रकाशन दिनांक : 18-11-2011
www.hindihomepage.com was in the focus of an international symposium based on Hindi in World.Speakers appreciated the concept and the role of hindihomepage.com.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 13-11-2011
उगते सूरज के देश जापान में पिछले सौ सालों से भी ज़्यादा समय से हिन्दी पढाई जा रही है, जापान में कंप्यूटर में हिन्दी के विकास पर भी शोध हो रहे है.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 13-11-2011
Do you know what Kanimojhi is doing in Tihar. You will be surprised to know that Kanimojhi is learning Hindi in Tihar jail.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 13-11-2011
Every year, a good number of foreign nationals approach Panjab University (PU) to inquire about the scope to learn Hindi,so assessing the demand, Hindi department faculty has proposed to introduce a self-financed Hindi course for foreign students.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 10-11-2011
I’ve realised that talking in Hindi is much better,” says Akshay, adding, “If you converse in Hindi, whatever you want to communicate is easily understood by others too.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 07-11-2011
the Medical Council of India (MCI) has announced that the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), a common entrance test for admission in medical colleges across India, will be held in English and Hindi languages.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 07-11-2011
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