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NBT world book fare national book trust india dr. pankaj chatuvedi news latter pragti maidan World Book fare was organised in Delhi by National Book Trust India. During the Book Fare Editorial team of NBT has published a daily Hindi news latter to serve various inormations related with fare. E book of all these latters could be read here.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 07-03-2012
Loksabha meera kumar speakar hukumdev narayan yadav member of parliament rohan agrawal, akhilesh surjan Hindi sabha japan A Hindi organisation in Tokyo, established by youngsters living in Japan has sent a letter to Meera Kumar, Loksabha Speaker and Hukum dev yadav,BJP MP, For taking promp action against ignorance of hindi in parliament. The news was flashed by hindihomepage.com
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 06-03-2012
steev waugh Hindi Australia learning Hindi I want to learn more of Hindi. I write down all of it in a diary and practice them later,
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 04-03-2012
shiv anurag pateriya Madhya Pradesh research book MP reference book Hindi Journalist This is a reference book on Madhya Pradesh, written by Senior Hindi Journo Shree Shiv Anurag Pateriya. The book has been written on story teliing pattern.Based on history, culture, geography, tourism and environment of the state the book emerging as reliable reference book on Madhya Pradesh.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 02-03-2012
Justice Markandey Katju j.jaylalita jaylalitha Hindi Tamilnadu learn Chennai Have you ever seen J.Jaylalitha speaking fluent Hindi ?? you may be surprised after reading this question but you may be more surprised to know that not only she can understand Hind but She could also spreak Hindi. Justice Katjoo met her in Chennai and conveyed his desire that Tamils should learn the language of Hindi
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 01-03-2012
Speaker of Lower House of Indian Parliament, Ms Meera Kumar has taken a hard step against MOS finance Shree meena in a mater which is associated with the ignorance of Hindi.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 21-02-2012
pravasi duniya rahul dev suresh goyal, aksharam, साहित्यिक संस्था अक्षरम् द्वारा हिंदी का वैश्विक परिप्रेक्ष्य विषय पर एक विचार गोष्टी का आयोजन किया जा रहा है. इस अवसर पर ब्रिटेन, नेपाल एवं सूरीनाम जा रहे हिंदी एवं सांस्कृतिक अधिकारियों को समारोह पूर्वक विदाई भी दी जाएगी.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 17-02-2012
hemant foundation mumbai neela prasad ravikant hemant smriti. santosh shrivastav, Well Known Neela Prasad and Poet Ravikant was honored by Hemant foundation mumbai.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 17-02-2012
velentine poems deval ashish romantic poetms hindi kavitayen vasant velentine day प्रेम कविताएं Vasant Ritu is celebrated as season of love in India. Listen a few romantic poetries by one of the most talented Hindi poet of the era - Deval ashish
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 13-02-2012
hind Hindi typing i phone i pad iOS 5.0 Apple iOS 5.0 update running devices support Hindi. Users of the iOS 5.0 based devices can easily enter the Hindi language while taking down notes or responding to emails/chats.
प्रकाशन दिनांक : 07-02-2012
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